Studio Tour

Play music in one of our three lesson rooms. We can accommodate multiple students at one time which gives us great flexibility with meeting the demands of your schedule. Each space is designed to accommodate a variety of musical instruments.  
  Be confident in knowing that you are in a professional music studio where we are serious about quality and integrity. We want you to feel welcome and know that we are in the business of making our student's grow, of course while having fun!
Watch your child's music lesson on our video monitoring system from the comfort of our lobby.  
  Each of our studios are well equipped, well lit, and comfortable.
Drumming is no longer too loud. Our acoustic drums have been converted to electronic to keep sound levels low. Side by side drum kits allow for easy interaction between student and teacher. A traditional acoustic drum set is also available for group jam sessions and band rehearsals.  

                   Our Kids Korner. It's stocked with blocks, Legos,
                                     Crayons, coloring books,
                                                   and toys.
 uipped, well lit, and comfortable.